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Surviving Sandy

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Born on October 22, 2012, as a small tropical depression in the southern Caribbean, Superstorm Sandy roared ashore seven days later as a vicious, all-devouring monster. Through personal narrative and dramatic photography, SURVIVING SANDY immerses the reader in the life-altering trauma of that fateful night, the days of trial that followed, and the long months of recovery by communities that
will never be the same again.

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Plan to Party

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This book creates the framework for memorable entertaining in your home from start to finish. In this timeless and informative party planning guide, you will find mouth-watering recipes, extensive checklists, and true-to-life timelines for even the least experienced host, as well as ideas, tips and tricks to save you time and money.

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Arctic Transitions

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Arctic_Cover Snow_Geese
Arctic_Icebergs Arctic_Map
Arctic Transitions brings to life beautiful and inaccessible regions through the use of stunning photography. Interaction with scientists of various fields creates a compelling list of reasons for preserving the Arctic.

Arctic Transitions eloquently describes the local events and the resulting effects on the existing populations. One cannot see images of this fragile and rapidly evolving world and remain unmoved.

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Greenland Impressions

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GREENLAND_Cover Greenland_Houses
Greenland_Flowers Greenland_Maps
In the summer of 2007, Luc Hardy led a 9-person expedition to Greenland that included scientists and children. Through the use of spectacular photography, Greenland Impressions chronicles the 5-week voyage from the largest village on the eastern sea coast to the highest peak in Greenland, then onto the northernmost point of the Arctic, in an effort to examine the conflicting changes which are occurring there.

Hardy’s eyewitness account of the impact of global warming on Greenland, and its plant and animal life struggling to cope with rapid change, is juxtaposed with the grandeur and beauty of the scenery.